Last October Jessica Seinfeld appeared with Regis Philbin and her good friend Kelly Ripa on “Live with Regis and Kelly” to promote “Deceptively Delicious” – watch the video below or click here to view on youtube.



Well known health and wellness blog Basil and Spice reviewed Deceptively Delicious recently.  Click here for the full article.

“Recently, I reviewed Deceptively Delicious, by Jessica Seinfeld, wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The author has been plagued with the same complaints all mothers have–“One won’t eat! The other is picky! They say it’s disgusting!” Dinner hour, an unpleasant way to wrap up the day, is one of the largest obstacles mothers face. Rather than resorting to takeout Chinese or chicken nuggets from the freezer, Jessica has become an expert at hiding vegetables and fruits in family favorites, making dining with the children a happier healthier experience.”  MORE

Jessica Seinfeld‘s Deceptively Delicious is available on Kindle, Amazon.com‘s renowned digital e-book reader.  Click here for information on how to purchase.

Today we’re posting Jessica’s interview with Amazon.com; be sure to check out the original page:

Deceptively Delicious on Kindle

Deceptively Delicious on Kindle

Questions for Jessica Seinfeld:

Amazon.com: My seven-year-old inspects the food on his plate like a hawk (if there was a hawk that only ate bagels and macaroni). Anything with the least bit of color goes untouched. What’s a mom or dad to do?

Jessica Seinfeld: Two of my three children were exactly the same way. The vegetables, which I worked hard to prepare, not only went untouched, they were often insulted (“Eeewww…!”). And the harder I pushed them to eat good food, the harder they pushed back. We were literally ruining each other’s meals.

That conflict was the inspiration for the book. I realized I wasn’t going to win the power struggle, so I decided to join them on their turf. I started with the foods they would eat (chicken nuggets, tacos, macaroni and cheese) and I added a pureed vegetable of the same color. So if your child only eats macaroni and cheese (or noodles and butter), you should add cauliflower or yellow squash puree, which utterly disappears. Everyone wins: they get the nutrition they need and you get the satisfaction of doing a better job as a parent.

Amazon.com: That same picky second-grader will often try something new one time and declare he likes it, but the next time we serve it, he seems to have lost his spirit of adventure and won’t eat it again. Any advice?

Jessica Seinfeld: First and foremost, remember that not every meal you prepare for a child will be a success. Kids at this age are naturally testing preferences, pushing boundaries, and changing their minds. That’s part of their development and those are urges not worth battling. As I learned the hard way, the more pressure you apply, the more kids will “hate” certain foods. And, while it would be nice if kids had a “spirit of adventure” when it comes to food, I’ve found it’s best to eliminate adventure and stick to the basics–foods they already love, laden with added nutrition they don’t know is there. Finally, be consistent, firm and patient. I have a rule in my house: you don’t have to eat what’s on the plate, but what’s on the plate is all that’s being served. Eventually, they come around.

Amazon.com: Are your kids interested in cooking yet? Are there ways to introduce healthy eating habits with the child helping in the kitchen?

Jessica Seinfeld: My children are interested in baking because they love any excuse to be around sweets. But I make sure whatever we bake has pureed veggies in it and is actually low in refined sugar. So my children actually think baking cakes, brownies, and cookies with sweet potatoes, carrots, or beets is the proper way to cook.

Amazon.com: What are your kids’ favorite recipes in the book?

Jessica Seinfeld: Every recipe in this book is a favorite. I’ve tried out countless creations on my kids, and if they didn’t love them (which happened frequently!), they didn’t make it into the book. But, if pressed, I will say they are crazy about the tacos, the chicken nuggets, the brownies, the pancakes, and my birthday cakes. [See her recipe for delicious brownies made with carrot and spinach.]

Amazon.com: I have to ask it, since I know many readers will: do these recipes require a squad of personal chefs to prepare, or can a busy mom or dad without seven years of Seinfeld residuals put them together by themselves?

Jessica Seinfeld: I’m a busy mom with three kids, a job, and a husband who travels constantly, but I’m uncompromising when it comes to my kids’ health and nutrition. Leaving that to someone else is out of the question. My parents had three kids and both worked too, and we always managed to eat healthy meals as a family. That’s the standard I’ve always wanted to meet. So when I started creating recipes from my pureed veggie experiments, I had three criteria: my kids had to love the food, the preparation had to be quick, and the process had to be simple. Believe me, if I can do these recipes quickly and easily, ANYONE can.

Amazon.com: How are the reading skills of Sascha, your oldest child and pickiest eater? Have you blown your cover by publishing your secrets?

Jessica Seinfeld: My daughter is almost seven and she not only can read, she’s fully aware that her mother cooks with vegetables all the time. Two years ago, she was a picky four-year-old who thought she hated vegetables. But once she was converted and started seeing those purees going into the desserts she loves, she started to ignore the fact that they were going into the rest of her foods as well. Now it’s the only kind of cooking she knows. So, to anyone with young children–start cooking Deceptively Delicious food when they are young! It’s much easier than trying to change habits later on.

For more information on Kindle, click here.

Deceptively Delicious

Deceptively Delicious

Atlanta Parenting Examiner Laura Coy reviewed Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious today:

“…Jessica Seinfeld is a genius. Well, at least in my eyes she is a genius! She has come up with a cookbook and plan to get even the pickiest kids eating healthy foods. And my 2 year old son is proof that this plan works!”

Read the full article here.

Look to the Stars

Look to the Stars

Jessica Seinfeld’s event with Rachel Ray at the NY Food and Wine Festival (blog entry here) was the subject of this recent article from Look to the Stars:

“Celebrity chef Rachel Ray… joined Jessica Seinfeld – wife of Jerry Seinfeld and founder of Baby Buggy – for one of the many events held over four days from October 9 to October 12 to benefit Food Bank For New York City. The pair talked about one of the biggest health challenges parents face today – preparing healthful, convenient meals their children will actually eat. They shared practical advice for feeding kids and avoiding the common mistakes many parents make when facing down a picky eater…”

Read the full article here.

Baby Buggy Blog

In addition to the official Baby Buggy site, http://www.babybuggy.org/, we’re happy to announce that Jessica’s charity now has a blog as well:  http://loverecycled.blogspot.com/.  The blog features info about past and upcoming Baby Buggy events, as well as articles and the latest news.

If you’d like to know more about Baby Buggy, go and visit either site:

Baby Buggy

Baby Buggy

Founded in 2001 by Jessica Seinfeld, Baby Buggy works with more than 80 social services organizations to distribute a wide range of new and gently used essentials, from cribs and strollers to clothing and diapers. Since its inception, Baby Buggy has donated nearly two million items, all of which are vetted for safety and utility. For more information, please visit www.babybuggy.org…”  MORE

Jessica Seinfeld Readers DigestJessica Seinfeld was featured in last September’s Readers Digest.  Read the full article here.

…”I had begun to dread mealtime,” Seinfeld writes. “Then one evening, while I was cooking dinner and puréeing butternut squash for the baby, I had the crazy notion to stir a little of the purée into the mac and cheese I was making for the rest of us. You couldn’t really see the squash, and the texture was perfect. So I stirred in more. Feeling only a little guilty that I was tricking my poor babies, I mixed in enough to feel satisfied that I was giving them a healthy, great-tasting meal. I held my breath. It worked! My kids plowed right through their dinners.”…

There are a few recipes on the site as well we’ll be featuring here over the next few days.  Enjoy!