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Jessica Seinfeld behind-the-scenes on Oprah

Jessica Seinfeld behind-the-scenes on Oprah

Oprah.com has a number of behind-the-scenes videos, slideshows, and even recipes from Jessica Seinfeld‘s appearance on the show to share Deceptively Delicious.  Check it out here.

“At dinner tables across America, fed up parents and finicky children face off over a silent enemy…vegetables.

These nightly battles have been fought since spinach, peas and other good-for-you foods first found their way onto plates. Many parents try every trick in the book—from bribery and bargaining to begging—but nothing seems to work.

Thanks to a new cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld, wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and mother of three young children, parents can stop fighting and start savoring dinnertime!

Jessica’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious(SM), was inspired by her own family’s veggie wars. Before discovering the secret to delicious, nutritious meals, she says she dreaded dinnertime. “The last thing you want to do is come home and make dinner and have people spit it out or say, “Ew! This is disgusting,'” she says.

Rather than giving up on healthy eating all together, Jessica figured out a way to get her kids to eat everything from beets to broccoli…without any whining!”


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